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Artssy 藝思美術用品

為你在世界各地搜羅“hidden gems”,尋找KOL愛用的藝術用品,分享買到一支好畫筆、一盒好顏色的興奮!

Only a real artist can find the best tools for another artists. We are here to share our exciting discovery of art products from KOLs around the world.

Let a new art tool sparks a new art journey!

營業時間:星期一至五 10:00 – 18:00
只限Whatsapp:5337 3128

Office hours: Monday – Friday
Address: Shop A, Lots 1461, DD 77, Ping Che Road, Fanling, NT
Whatsapp only: 5337 3128
email: hello@artssy.shop