MeTime流體畫 – 好玩、治癒、「零失敗」的藝術創作 !


POUR – 倒出流體畫顏料

TILT – 傾斜畫板,讓顏料流動、混合、碰撞出圖案

FILL – 讓顏料填畫板

DONE! 畫作風乾後,你便可以把畫作放進木製畫框內,擺設在家和辦公室~

MeTime 系列就是給妳最方便輕鬆的藝術娛樂,是「零失敗」的藝術創作 ! 你還可以展示你的藝術品呢~

Acrylic pouring is easy and fun! This complete package provides ready-to-use paint which you can quickly dive into your creative process. Simply pour in your paint one by one, let the paint flow smoothly across your canvas and let the colours lead the way to your first acrylic pouring art. We have included easy-to-follow tips to help you glide through the process. Let it dry for less than 24 hours and you can hang your finished artwork in our wooden frame at your home or office.


4瓶100ml 流體畫顏料(純白/孔雀藍/螢光綠/俏粉紅)

  • 1個20cm 帆布滑板
  • 1個木製畫框
  • 2個10cm 正方形練習畫板
  • 1個三角花紋刮板
  • 4個2.5cm 小木塊
  • 1支飲管
  • 4個膠杯
  • 1對手套
  • 1張枱布
Enjoy your little MeTime and indulge yourself in this satisfying art project.