美國OOLY – 返學套裝(雙頭螢光筆,多色原子筆,雙頭木顏色,變色畫筆)


Ooly Back-to-School stationery set is a great gift for kids and students!


Ooly 文具套裝 – 又好玩、又實用

• 6-Click 凝膠筆
• Dual Liner雙頭螢光筆(6支)
• 2 of a kind 雙頭木顏色筆(24色)
• Switch Eroo 變色馬克筆(12支)

6-Click 凝膠筆
6-Click Gel Pen


Switch to different color easily with the multi-color gel pen and enjoy the silky smooth way that gel ink writes. Colors include Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Pink and Purple, and each with a 0.7mm tip great for fine line writing.


Dual Liner雙頭螢光筆(6支)
Dual liner double-ended neon highlighters (Set of 6)


Find the chisel tip for making bold lines and the dual tip for highlighting, underlining and decorating. Your work will never be boring again with these unique dual tip highlighter pens.


2 of a kind 雙頭木顏色筆(24色)
2 of a kind colored pencils (24 colors)


Carry 12 colored pencils and get 24 colors! Find complimenting colors on each side so you can easily find like colors for your project. It is lightly packed, using up little space and you’re always ready on-the-go.


Switch Eroo 變色馬克筆(12支)
Switch Eroo Color-Changing Markers (Set of 12)


These magical 12 color-changing markers make your art work more fun! Draw with the colored tip and use the white tip on the other end to switch it up! You can easily decorate and create pattern with complimenting color.