Ooly Stickiville 超大Jumbo 棉花糖香味 Scented貼紙 Unicorn 獨角獸


Ooly 的香味貼紙, 外型可愛,輕輕刮一下,貼紙還會發出淡淡香味呢!


Ooly 的香味貼紙, 外型可愛,輕輕刮一下,貼紙還會發出淡淡香味呢!



Decorate your world and make it smell amazing with this adorable collection of fun scented stickers! To release the flavor, just scratch and sniff! Includes 8 jumbo die cut stickers and 2 sticker sheets.

Does your nose have a sweet tooth? If so, these are the stickers you need! All of these fluffy character stickers have that irresistible and yummy cotton candy scent tucked inside them. Scratch to sniff cotton candy scents from stickers with unicorn, panda, cat designs and more.

  • ENCOURAGE CREATIVITY – Make you your projects, notes, art, and stationery smell like your favorite treat, cotton candy with these sticker sheets full of creative creatures like unicorns, pandas and more! Simply pick any sticker, stick it to anything and scratch to release a delicious cotton candy scent.
  • WIDE USES OF FUN – These stickers are the perfect match with any of OOLY’s journals, notepads and sketchbooks. 8 jumbo stickers included in each set and 2 sticker sheets. Mix up the scents with other OOLY scented sticker packs and our scented gel pens too
  • IDEAL GIFT – Great gift for any child or adult. Gift a young artist for hours of creative fun. A must have for any treasure box, classroom treats or stocking stuffers at school or party.
  • SUITABLE FOR AGES 3 AND UP – Safe around your kids ages 3 and up.