日本百樂牌Pilot Frixion “Ball Slim” 0.38mm Gel Pen 可擦啫喱筆 全套8色装 038 超極細


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• 超極細0.38mm筆嘴配上纖幼透明筆桿

• Pilot專利的墨液科技

• 已書寫的墨液可透過筆桿末端的膠粒摩擦 或加熱至攝氏60℃或以上,墨液變成透明

• 不會留下痕跡,也不會產生任何碎屑

• 墨液大約在温度零下10℃或以下會重現

• 按掣式設計

• 共8種顏色: 黑、深藍、淺藍、淺綠、紫、紅、粉紅、橙

Enjoy Pilot’s popular FriXion ink in a lean pen body.The FriXion Ball Slim has a 0.38 mm tip, perfect for everyday writing as well as the tiny annotations you need to cram into the margins of your textbooks. The clip-less profile lets you pile a bunch of them in your pen case with room to spare for more pens and pencils. You can even hang your pen, by stringing a lanyard through the hole in the knocker.

This set includes 8 colors: Black, dark blue, light blue, light green, purple, red, pink and orange

FriXion ink is a thermosensitive ink that can be erased by rubbing. To erase, use the special rubber “eraser” tip at the top of the pen and watch the ink cleanly disappear.

Interestingly, erased ink reappears at temperatures below 14° F (-10° C). A freezer is cold enough to make this happen. It is like magic ink for adults! Due to the thermosensitive nature of FriXion ink, we advise against using it for mailings, or leaving the written materials in hot cars or in environments that expose them to a lot of friction.