美國Ooly lil’ 36色水彩輕攜裝(連1支水彩筆)


lil’ Watercolor Paint Pods (set of 36 with brush)


輕巧的36色水彩套裝, 顏色鮮豔, 加水即可使用!

包含一支水彩畫刷, 適合上學、出外寫生

This set of 36 watercolor pods is designed for outdoor use. Add a drop of water to the pods and use the watercolor included in this set to create your beautiful artwork.

Great for students and artsits

This Lil’ Paint Pods Watercolors is an essential set of 36 bright watercolors colors that will delight and inspire you. Embrace your creative spirit with this handy set of artsy tools. This convenient set is perfect for any artist.

This Lil’ Paint Pods Watercolors set is simple. Experiment with a variety of 36 vibrant colors to make your art come alive. With watercolors, all you need is water and a fine-tipped brush for detailed creations. The cover doubles as a paint palette too. It includes a convenient reusable case to store your supplies and it’s washable, too.

  • 36 Watercolors
  • Fine-Tipped Brush Included
  • Reusable Case
  • Washable