Pokemon 比卡超 0.5mm 鉛芯筆 Kuru Toga 機動自轉鉛芯筆 寵物小靈精 藍


Lead stays sharp & intact 筆芯不折斷保持鋒利

Made in Japan 日本製




除了加有「比卡超」可愛的圖案外, 鉛芯筆還用了三菱 Uni Kuru Toga 的獨特設計, 一流的手感, 和筆芯轉動技術, 讓筆尖長期保持鋒利好寫~ 適合長時間書寫~



A perfect gift for fans of Pokemon!

This mechanical pencil uses the same Mitsubishi Uni Kuru Toga design and lead-rotational technology, ensuring a comfortable grip and your lead stays sharp at all time.

There’s a real problem that affects almost all mechanical pencils—bear with us as we explain. As you use a regular mechanical pencil, the lead wears down on one side, forming a slanted wedge-shaped tip. Each time you put the lead to the page you end up using a different lead surface (pointy, flat, wide, thin) depending on how you hold the pencil. This can cause dramatic and unsightly variations in line thickness as you write or draw.

The Kuru Toga eliminates this problem with the use of an ingenious lead rotation mechanism that continually rotates the pencil lead as you write. A spring-loaded clutch twists the lead incrementally every time you lift the pencil from the paper. This allows a uniform wearing of the lead to create a conical tip shape that provides a fine, consistent line.

This pencil features a subtly ridged plastic grip section that supports your fingers and makes writing more comfortable. A refillable eraser is located under the top button cap. The nose cone of the pencil is made of silver-colored plastic.